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Slabs can be processed into hot-rolled bands, most of which are supplied to re-rollers. Hot-rolled bands can be processed into hot-rolled No.1 coils through annealing and pickling, and such coils are mainly sold to coil centers, pipe makers and re-rollers.

Cold-rolled coils are made by cold rolling, annealing, pickling and skin-passing of hot-rolled coils. e With thinner thickness, better size tolerance, smooth surfaces, and greater processability. cold-rolled coils are used in automobiles, kitchenware, home appliances, as well as the construction, aerospace, petrochemical, food, machinery and transportation industries.

  • Stainless Steel Hot-Rolled Black/No.1 Coil
  • Thickness:1.5 ~ 6.5 mm
  • Width:1,030 mm/ 1,245 mm/ 1,560 mm
  • Stainless Steel Cold-Rolled 2D/2B Coil
  • Thickness:0.4 ~ 3 mm
  • Width:1,030 mm/ 1,245 mm
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